Share & Care 19 Jan 2013
Fund-Raising Musical-The Moon Speaks For My Heart, 22 June 2013 - 3pm
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 The Moon Speaks for My Heart - Seating Plan and REALTIME AVAILABILE SEATS. Click here.


Please click below for download and printing.

1) 1_Corporate Sponsorship Appeal Letter

2) 2_PSLEM Profile

3) 4_Fact Sheet

4) 5_Benefits and Sponsorships Form

5) 7_Other Sponsorships Form

6) 8_Seating Plan

7) 9_Donor Form

The Moon Speaks For My Heart (月亮代表我的心)
pslem-the moon mandarin fact sheet pg1
pslem-the moon mandarin fact sheet pg2


Download here the PSLEM-The Moon Mandarin Fact Sheet 

Download here the Moon Donor Form (Mandarin) 




Download the poster here

Download the Tropicana's Location Map here


Share & Care 27 Apr 2013