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PSLEM MANDARIN TALK 2019 PSLEM MANDARIN TALK 2019 [SLE Mandarin Talk]欢迎大家参与我们的一年一度的SLE中文讲座 ☺️ 这次我们有幸邀请到【注册辅导师】林慧姗女士、【肾脏专科顾问】江伟耀医生与... Read more
PSLEM March Family Camp @ LWOT PSLEM March Family Camp @ LWOT [Berseronok bersama kami di Kem Keluarga 2019]Menikmati subsidi 50% untuk pesaki... Read more
Mengatasi Tekanan Hidup 2019 Mengatasi Tekanan Hidup 2019 Jemputan ke Ceramah SLE 2019: "Mengatasi Tekanan Hidup"Tempat: Persatuan SLE Mal... Read more
Registration for Walk-a-Payung 2018 Registration for Walk-a-Payung 2018 Walk-a-Payung 2018 & Family CarnivalAn Umbrella Walk in aid of SLE PatientsDate:... Read more
PSLEM MANDARIN TALK 2018 PSLEM MANDARIN TALK 2018 Do you sometimes feel the stress of living with SLE? Are you worried about the f... Read more
Sabah Chapter Share and Care 2018 Sabah Chapter Share and Care 2018 We invite patients/members residing in Sandakan, Sabah to join us in this Share ... Read more